This is to state that we have on many occasions availed ourselves of the services of Boweslyon Kennels

  • for minuature schnauzer stud dogs
  • for grooming our two schnauzers

On every occasion we have found the services of a high standard, the owners as well as the atmosphere, friendly and we have noticed that our dogs themselves have felt at home

Revd. A. H. Morgan & Mrs. P. Morgan


Hi, my name is Darren Garner. I am a professional football player with R.U.F.C. and I am just writing a few words about Boweslyon Kennels.

I bought my mini schnauzer nearly two and a half years ago from "Leslie and the gang" and since then I have had an excellent relationship with them. "Alfie" regularly goes back to be groomed and pampered and they always return him to me in an excellent condition. looking even more handsome than when he went in! They are always on the other end of the telephone, night and day, regarding anything to do with Alfie, be it an illness, diet or any problems we might have with him. They are very knowledgable about their dogs and there isn't anything that they wouldn't do for their dogs and their customers.

I have recommended them to people who have fallen in love with Alfie and also recommended their grooming facilities to others.

Without Alfie life would be dull and he brings happiness and entertainment into my life.

Mr. D. Garner